Bin Block

Bin Blocks are manufactured with high quality surplus concrete from our sister division Ready Mixed Concrete. Available in 2’x2’x6’ and 2’x2’x3’, bin block is often used to create storage areas for aggregates or to build retention walls when aesthetics are not of concern. The blocks can be stacked 2 to 3 courses high as a gravity structure and can be engineered with geo-synthetic reinforcement to heights in excess of 10 feet. With a mass of 3,300 pounds each for the full size block and 1,650 pounds for the half size block, bin block will stay where you put them. Each block is constructed with grooved sides and bottoms so they easily interlock with adjoining units. The #6 bar located in the center of the block allows them to be machine lifted into place. *There is no warranty or suitability of purpose expressed, written or implied.*

Please contact sales for more information or to place an order.

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