Burnished Elite

Burnished Elite by Colorado Best Block has the appeal of polished stone with the advantages of a quality masonry product. The units are manufactured at a fraction of cost as natural stone or granite but have the same lasting durability and timeless beauty. The Burnished Elite architectural units still provide the same attributes of masonry like strength, fire and sound resistance, maintenance free, easy to clean and graffiti resistant, just to name a few.

The units are manufactured with pigmented base, colorful aggregates, integral water repellant and are refined to a dense surface. The units are factory coated with an acrylic VOC compliant sealer which accentuates the vibrant colors. Burnished Elite is supplied in standard sizes as all other concrete masonry units. Please review the catalog for shapes and sizes.

Please contact a Colorado Best Block sales representative for more information, to see samples or to place an order.

Burnished Elite - 102


Burnished Elite - 216


Burnished Elite - 276


Burnished Elite - 307


Burnished Elite - 315


Burnished Elite - 541


Burnished Elite - 637


Burnished Elite - 718


Burnished Elite - 733


Burnished Elite - 739


Burnished Elite - 826


Burnished Elite - 97


Burnished Elite Specifications

Part 1 - General

1.01 Section Includes
A. Concrete masonry unit, including honed faced units (Burnished Elite) where indicated…

1.02 Related Sections
A. Section 07190-Water Repellants.

1.03 References
A. ASTM C-90-Hollow Load Bearing Concrete Masonry Units

A. Samples for initial selection of Burnished units from manufacturer’s standard colors.
B. Full size units as samples for verification of Burnished masonry units selected.
C. Material test reports from a qualified independent testing agency.

1.05 Quality Assurance
A. Manufacturer Qualifications: The Burnished concrete masonry manufacturer shall have a minimum of five years experience manufacturing ground face CMU at their current facility or over 100,000 units sold.
B. All units contain a manufactured approved water repellant CMU admixture.
C. Single Source Responsibility: Obtain Burnished concrete masonry units from one source and by a single manufacturer for the entire project.
D. Mockup: Prior to installing ground face CMU construct a 4ft. X 4ft. sample wall, to demonstrate aesthetic effects of materials and execution of workmanship.
E. All Burnished CMU shall be factory polished. Units not polished in the factory will not be acceptable.
F. Burnished CMU shall specifically conform to ASTM C-90 section 7.3.1.
G. All bullnose radius and chamfer units should be factory polished to assure consistency and quality.
H. All units to have a minimum one coat of factory applied water based acrylic finish.

1.06 - Delivery, Storage and Handling
A. Burnished CMU shall be delivered to the jobsite on wooden pallets with protective barrier between the faces of the units.
B. Store Burnished CMU under waterproof cover and store in a dry condition.
C. Handle Burnished CMU with extreme care to avoid chipping and breakage.

Part 2 - Products

2.01 Burnished Concrete Masonry Units
A. Burnished CMU shall be made from natural manufactured aggregates, cement and color. All of these materials are derived from nature and will vary in uniformity of shape, size, and texture and particle color. The manufacture will use extreme care in the manufacturing process to match the sample and mock up wall.
B. Provide Burnished Elite Masonry Units as manufactured by Best Block Company, 8227 Blakeland Dr., Littleton, Colorado, 80125. 303-791-3334.

1. Provide special shapes for lintels, corners, jambs, sash, control joints, headers and other special conditions as required.
2. Provide bull nose or square-edged units for outside corners.
3. All units comply with ASTM C-90 in relation to compressive strength; weight classification and moisture controlled units.
4. Finish: Exposed faces of Burnished face units matching color, pattern and texture of architect’s submittal selection.

C. Masonry Cleaners: Clean ground face masonry units using Burnished Custom Masonry Cleaner as manufactured by ProSoCo Inc. or architect approved equal. Clean sample panel to ensure proper methods and correct dilution of the cleaning product.

Part 3 - Execution

3.01 Laying Burnished Masonry Units
A. Lay all Burnished units in adequate lighting.
B. Take Burnished units from multiple pallets for blending.
C. Cut all units with a motor driven saw with a diamond blade.
D. Cover walls each day after installation to keep wall protected and dry.
E. During installation, keep units clean of mortar and grout spills. Use brushes and burlap to help with keeping units clean during installation.
F. Flashing weep holes and control joints: Install flashing weeps and control joints as specified and indicated on the drawings.
G. Field Coat Application of compatible acrylic sealer is to be applied after the cleaning process.