Fence Block

Interlocking fence block are designed to be used with no mortar at the vertical joints. The block interlock in a tongue and groove fashion, which allows for quick and easy installation. Pilaster block are designed to be used at specific intervals to vertically reinforce the interlocking fence block. Fence Block is available as a medium weight hollow non load bearing concrete masonry unit.

Fence Block Desert Sand

4x8x16 Decorative Screen 10x8x16 Pilaster 10x8x16 Pilaster Corner

   4x8x16 Decorative Screen

   12x8x16 Pilaster Stretcher

     10x8x16 Pilaster Corner

 6x8x8  6x8x8 DBN  6x8x16


6x8x8 DBN





6x8x16 DBN