Concrete Pavers

For centuries, pavers have been used around the world. You can still see the stone pavers used by the Romans in their roads over 2,000 years ago. Modern pavers are made in computer controlled, manufacturing plants that provide today’s consumer with superior quality. They are also an earth friendly alternative since they have a much longer life cycle than traditional pavements.

Whatever your use is, from a simple patio, or driveway to a city street, pavers offer a great alternative to traditional pavements. They have a longer life cycle and the installed pricing can be very competitive when compared with stamped or decorative concrete.

Aspen Stone

Holland Stone

Keystone Alameda Patio

Modern Aspen Stone

Vail Cobble

Village Cobble

Your local Colorado Best Block sales representative can assist you in selecting an ICPI Certified Installer that will offer you competitive pricing along with many design ideas for your project. For more information, or to place an order, contact your local Colorado Best Block sales representative.

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