Installation - Basic

The Keystone Retaining Wall System was developed with simplicity of construction in mind.  These step-by-step instructions will guide you through the basic process from start to finish.  If more detailed information is required to meet your specific site situation, consult your local Keystone representative.

STEP ONE: Prepare the site.
Start by digging a shallow trench 4" (100mm) deep by 12" (300mm) wide. Cut through and remove any sod, roots or large rocks. For organic loam soils, dig 4" (100mm) deeper and add a leveling pad of sand or gravel. Now compact and level the soil to receive the first course of landscape units.


STEP TWO: Set the base course.
Place and level the first unit with the retaining lip down. Level each additional unit as you place it, making sure that the outside edges touch. If your wall contains both straight and curved areas, start with a straight area and build into the curves. Complete the base course before proceding to the second course.

Set the Course Base

STEP THREE: Stack and fill.
Starting with straight areas first, begin placing the second course. Center each unit on the seams of the course below in a running bond pattern as shown. To maintain proper spacing on curves, remove the outside edges of the retaining lip as required. Now proceed to the next layer, backfilling as you go. For drainage behind the wall, clean gravel or crushed stone is recommended.

Stack and Fill

To remove outside lugs or edges of retaining lip, hold unit securely or place at angle on ground. Strike the lug firmly with a hammer. Always wear safety glasses to protect eyes from chips.